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Metal Presswork

Our press shop is equipped with power presses ranging from, 6 – 25 ton with press tools and tooling manufactured within our own tool room, enabling us to produce finished components such as corner cleats (chevrons), brackets, plates, fixing lugs and straps in addition to the punching and preparation of customer’s own extrusions and components.

The presses can be fed with strip material guillotined on site, automatically fed material utilising coil and power feed units or single pre-cut items positioned manually. Complementing our power presses we also have a range of hydraulic punching fixtures, all manufactured in house for the punching of our customers’ extrusions.

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Our Metal Pressings Work

Some of our standard items include:

Aluminium Shims:  Widely used in the building industry, our standard aluminium shims are 50x50mm with 14mm; 17mm or 21mm slots and range from 1mm to 6mm thick.

Other dimensions are available on request.

Corner Cleats (Chevrons):  We can produce aluminium chevrons in overall widths of 30mm, 35mm and 40mm and from 1.0mm to 2.5mm thick with variable leg widths from 5mm to 40mm.

Fixing Lugs:  Our standard lugs are manufactured from 20x2mm aluminium or steel strip in 150mm, 200mm or 250mm lengths.  Steel lugs are fully zinc plated.  We also offer the option of a 25x2mm galvanised fixing lug.  All lugs can be supplied with either one or both ends stamped to suit your section.

If none of our wide range of standard end stamps suit your section we will be happy to discuss your requirements.