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Volume Production

One of the areas C&T Engineering Ltd specialise in is the CNC machining and volume production of small, predominantly aluminium components utilised across various industries.

Over the years we have designed and developed many ways to enhance the production of this type of item.

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CNC Routing & Machining

Smaller components can be machined utilising multi fixtures in our Hurco VM10i 3 axis mill, whilst larger components such as extrusions can be accommodated in one of our XYZ bed mills or Mecal Kosmos 305, a 3+1 axis router capable of machining lengths up to 5.5m long.

Within our production area we have dedicated drilling, countersinking and tapping stations which aid the manufacture of aluminium components.  These areas utilise our in-house toolroom by using internally designed and manufactured fixtures.

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Sawing, Cutting, Deburring & Assembly

Sawing and cutting facilities include:

We utilise automatic saws for the precise, volume cutting of extruded aluminium components.  Sizes as small as 5mm and up to 500mm in length can be cut whilst maintaining a cutting tolerance of +/-0.1mm.

  • All larger parts either square ended or mitred.
  • Aluminium or plastic extrusion’s.
  • Cutting lengths from 150mm to 3m.

Our Haberle saw cuts both mild and stainless steel sections.  This saw can accept sizes up to 160x80mm and solids up to 60mm diameter

Deburring:  Larger aluminium components are deburred with a Razzamat deburrer whilst smaller components are tumbled to remove burrs.

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